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Dallas is the top pick for a return visit from Ninja Warrior

Daytona Beach came in second in our reader poll.

American Ninja Warrior - Season 10 Photo by: Cooper Neill/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Where will American Ninja Warrior go for season 14? We have no idea, but we’re still going to think about it! Recently, we asked the readers to vote on which city they would like the show to return to in 2022.

The votes were, understandably, fairly scattered. American Ninja Warrior has hit a lot of locations since the show started traveling back in season four. Here’s how the results look when you graph them out.

Dallas, TX was the most popular pick for a return visit. The show has already been recorded there three previous times, but it’s in a hotbed of Ninja Warrior gyms and activities so it is a very strong location.

Daytona Beach barely snagged the second-place spot. Philly and Atlanta are tied for third place. Minneapolis is in fourth place. Miami, Denver, Baltimore, St.Louis, and Orlando are all tied for fifth.

Poor Oklahoma City and San Antonio have the distinction of being tied for last place.

Generally, we start receiving more information about the upcoming season of American Ninja Warrior in January. We know the casting team is hard at work sorting through thousands of applications. So it’s a good bet that the season 14 cities are set and the producers of the show are waiting for the right moment to share.

Will we see any return locations? It will be a few more weeks until we find out!