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Season 13 National Finals: Women’s leaderboard

12 women made it to Las Vegas. Here are the results!

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

American Ninja Warrior season 13 came to an exciting conclusion when Kaden Lebsack gave Stage Four his best effort.

The later stages of the National Finals historically turn into a leaderboard for the male competitors. While season 13 saw the show’s third-ever woman advance to Stage Two (Go Jesse Labreck!), no woman has made it to Stage Three yet.

That means as the episodes go on there are fewer and fewer mentions of the female Ninjas. We wanted to put together a women’s leaderboard for the National Finals. The goal is to shout out these top competitors who made it to those incredible later stages of the season.

12 women advanced to Las Vegas from the grueling Semifinals. Jesse Labreck made it to Stage Two. Tiana Webberley was so close, making it to the last Stage One obstacle before timing out. 17-year-old Isabella Wakeham was right behind that, timing out on the Dipping Birds.

All signs point to more women clearing Stage One next season and we’re ready to see it!

All results are on Stage One unless otherwise noted.

  1. Jesse Labreck: Stage Two - Double Salmon Ladder
  2. Tiana Webberley: Fly Hooks - Timed out
  3. Isabella Wakeham: Dipping Birds - 2:33.56
  4. Zhanique Lovett: Tire Run - 1:06.41
  5. Cara Mack: Jumping Spider - 0:52.54
  6. Ava Colasanti: Jumping Spider - 0:53.79
  7. Megan Rowe: Double Dipper - 0:27.17
  8. Rachel Degutz: Double Dipper - 0:37.01
  9. Brittney Durant: Swinging Blades - 0:03.08
  10. Casey Rothschild: Swinging Blades - 0:03.17
  11. Heather Weissinger: Swinging Blades - 0:06.38
  12. Meagan Martin: Slide Surfer