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Ninja Warriors love the sport, the community, and the opportunity to inspire

“What’s the best part of being a Ninja Warrior?”

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

We’re in a motivational mood this week and we want to keep the good vibes going! We took to Instagram and asked our Ninja followers to answer a very broad question.

What’s the best part of being a Ninja Warrior?

As the responses flowed in, we scrolled through them with a huge smile. It was definitely a truckload of warm, fuzzy feelings. The answers seemed to fall into three categories: Inspiring others, the community, and the love of movement.

Read on for a sampling of the responses and try not to have your mood boosted.

Inspiring others

Flip Rodriguez: “Being on a platform to impact the world! Let’s leave this world better than we found it.”

Conor Galvin: “Helping to inspire the next generation of ninjas to be better ninjas and better people.”

Brian Kretsch: “Getting to inspire and teach each new generation the comes along.”

Patterson Yazzie: “As a rookie just being able to inspire so many I’ve met and others around the Navajo Nation.”

Xavier Dantzler: “Inspiring people. And making the people who believed in me proud.”

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

The community

Taylor Johnson: “The support and camaraderie of the ninja community.”

Tiana Webberley: “Ninja fam!”

Caiden Madzelan: “Being able to execute my skills on the highest stage that there is gave me a sense of pride. Inspiring others, being in the ninja community, competing, and traveling the USA.”

Enzo DeFerrari Wilson: “The amazing community around this sport!”

Jackson Twait: “I’m sure everyone will say this, but the friendships I’ve made since I’ve started training. Second answer is the food we get on set.”

Max Feinberg: “Getting to celebrate other ninjas’ accomplishments!”

Whitney Miller: “Being part of such an amazing community of athletes!”

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

The love of movement

Dave Cavanagh: “Obstacle course/obstacle design. The creativity of movement is what makes the sport.”

Owen Dyer: “Being able to be a monkey.”

David Campbell: “Having a goal to push myself to higher fitness and abilities.”

Kaden Lebsack: “FLYING”

Elizabeth Morris/NBC