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Five reasons American Ninja Warrior is scary!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Halloween weekend is upon us and we’re feeling the tingly frights of the season. Think American Ninja Warrior isn’t related to Halloween? You’re wrong! American Ninja Warrior delivers enough scares, screams, and gasps to rival any horror movie you might watch this weekend.

Need proof? We’ve gathered five reasons why American Ninja Warrior is downright scary. Scroll down at your own risk and don’t blame us for any lost sleep after these enter your nightmares! *Cue evil laugh.*

1.) This chart of the season’s trickiest obstacles gives us shivers.

2.) 45% of our polled readers believe in the frightening “Stage Three Curse.”

3.) Sean Bryan “bonked” his head and could have auditioned for a slasher film with all that blood! (Okay, not really. But you know what we’re going for.)

4.) We shriek every time we see Daniel Gil’s jump scare of a fall!

5.) Finally, Kaden Lebsack’s Stage Three run is so good... It’s scary.