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Halloween weekend brought fantastic Ninja Warrior get-ups

We live for the adorable mini-Ninjas!

Joe Moravsky/Instagram

UPDATE: We have updated this to include all the amazing posts we saw of American Ninja Warrior-related outfits!

Halloween is almost here! Show us the mini-Ninjas!

Every year, we anxiously await the chance to see the creative costumes that celebrate American Ninja Warrior. It’s such an adorable reminder of what this show means to the youngest fans. We also love seeing the competitors themselves get into the spirit of the holiday!

So yes. We are staring intently at social media today, refreshing constantly to get a look at the festivities! We’re going to need you to go ahead and tag us on Instagram and Twitter. Here are the posts we’ve spotted so far!

Who wouldn’t want to be BOTH Jesse Labreck and Najee Richardson?

This little one is a future Ninja Warrior and has the gear to prove it.

Okay, this video cracked us up. This is even better than getting a full-size candy bar!

Tiny versions of Chris DiGangi and Jesse Labreck! Look at the size of the rock on that engagement ring.

If you swipe through this family’s photos, you’ll spot their great effort at a group-Ninja outfit!

Joe Moravsky, the Weatherman, dressed as Spiderman and met up with a mini-Weatherman!

Also, look at this spot-on mini Joe!

This is the exact opposite of “mini,” but host Akbar Gbajabiamila is dressed as Shaq for the occasion. (He also dressed up as Bruno Mars.)

Karsten Williams and Jonathan Bange each got a little version of themselves.

Host Matt Iseman posted this throwback, but we will still accept it.

Nick Hanson stayed up all night making an incredible Ursula costume for his wife, Joanne. That absolutely deserves a shout-out on this Halloween post!

Including this again because it’s awesome and it’s a perfect costume for Najee... And a lot of Ninjas.

Finally, this decor is simply amazing.

Thank you for sharing all your American Ninja Warrior Halloween costumes with us!