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Jody Avila racing his own son feels like a full circle moment

The legacy Ninjas are coming.

(L) Patrick Wymore/Peacock - (R) Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Has American Ninja Warrior Jody Avila met his match? This video suggests he might have. That stiff competition comes in the form of Jody’s own nine-year-old son, Brandon.

And it could be a peek at the future of the sport.

Jody and Brandon race side by side on the American Ninja Warrior Junior course. Brandon is a competitor on season three of the show which is currently streaming on Peacock. The race is a tight back and forth. Jody might have height and experience, but his son (an accomplished Ninja in his own right) has speed and agility. We don’t see the ending just yet. That will be included in the first Quarterfinals episode of American Ninja Warrior Junior.

Since Jody is pretty well out of the age range for the show, we’re thinking this is just a fun run. (Brandon was nine at the time of taping the show. He’s now 10!) But doesn’t it make you think about the future of the sport? It feels very possible that we could see a father/son race on American Ninja Warrior. Things are coming full circle.

American Ninja Warrior has been on the air long enough now that kids who grew up watching the show are finding ways to compete, like through ANW Jr and the invited teens who ran the course for season 13.

In fact, we COULD have seen a family race during season 13. Kai Beckstrand competed alongside his father, Brian. If they both had made the Power Tower, it would have been a historic moment.

Jody is a six-time American Ninja Warrior competitor. That means Brandon has been watching his father train since he was about three years old. Ninja Warrior is in his blood and he’s already at a level to give old dad a serious run for his money.

We were shocked by the wild success the teens had on 2021’s season of American Ninja Warrior. Just wait until the legacy Ninjas are on the big course.