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Before you start your Ninja Warrior submission video, read this advice from fellow competitors

It’s casting season! Which means it’s time to make that scary audition video.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

The countdown is on! Anyone who wants to be on season 14 of American Ninja Warrior needs to send in their application by December 10.

Forget the course, just getting the submission process completed is a daunting obstacle all on its own. Each year, thousands of wannabe Ninjas put themselves into the running via the online form and the very important submission video.

The video is a hotly discussed topic. What should go in the video? How do you capture the producers’ attention? It’s your one shot to tell your story and show your strength. You want to make a great impression.

There are a lot of tips and suggestions out there. Today, we’re sharing advice from a few seasoned Ninjas. They all had to create a video and they managed to get that coveted callback.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

So what’s their advice for putting together an American Ninja Warrior submission video that works? Read on!

Taylor Johnson: “Have fun with it! Be energetic and show your personality.”

Chris Behrends: “Energy!”

Lou Apalucci: “Be authentic but make it interesting. Treat it like you’re making a promo video for yourself.”

Patterson Yazzie: “Be you. Be bold and be the best person you possibly can be.”

Anthony Eardley: “Be the you-est YOU you can be. Being original makes for a better story.”

Nate Hanson: “Don’t be afraid to tell your story! Be confident in who you are and keep the energy high!”

Dave Cavanagh: “Don’t get upset if you are not picked. It’s never personal. Keep at it, your time will come.”

Cody Johnston: “Be authentic and have fun with it.”

Brian Kretsch: “Think about every aspect of your story then refine it down to the most compelling aspects.”

True Becker: “Don’t be afraid to truly show yourself (and that’s okay if it seems embarrassing)!”

Xavier Dantzler: “Stand out from the pack.”

Rachel Degutz: “Have someone sit down and interview you.”

Caleb Benson: “Make it about YOU, not your Ninja skills.”

Chad Thornhill: “Be the most exciting version of yourself.”

Jay Lewis: “Really put a lot of time into it and focus on making yourself stand out from the rest!”

Chris Crary: “ENERGY and simple story.”

Josiah Pippel: “Do something memorable at the very beginning.”

Remember, if these Ninjas want to participate in season 14, they also have to create a new video. Rookies and veterans are in the same boat, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea of creating your video, just know you’re not alone!