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These Ninjas are changing the world by inspiring others

We asked the readers to tell us who inspires them.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

We asked our readers to share which Ninjas are having a positive impact on their communities. The responses got us thinking about the Butterfly Effect, how one small thing can lead to huge changes in the future.

The Ninjas do so much in their communities that have very tangible impacts. They attend fundraisers, they show up for birthday parties, they train young kids at their gyms. But beyond that, just the act of inspiring others through their own lives and actions can change the world. You never know who’s watching and taking a message or lesson to heart. You never know how that can change someone’s world and the future.

So we’re rephrasing our question: Which Ninjas are changing the world by inspiring others?

Here are the responses we received! They are presented in the same order we received them in. We’d also like to mention that this list is in no way absolute. We’re 100% sure there are MANY more Ninjas out there who are having a positive impact on those around them.

Nate Hansen

Flip Rodriguez

Kevin Carbone

Austin Gray

Vance Walker

Najee Richardson

“Najee is always helping in the Philadelphia area.”

Lance Pekus

Jesse Labreck

“She gives great tips but also reminds you to believe in yourself.”

Daniel Gil

Joe Moravsky

“He has helped me with my training so much.”

Geoff Britten

Kaden Lebsack

Grant McCartney

Brian Montagnese

Alex Katz - Neighborhood Ninjas

Jessie Graff

Cameron Drake