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Ninjas shared their favorite memories from season 13

They range from funny to so touching.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Ready for a guaranteed smile? We asked the American Ninja Warriors to share their favorite memories from taping season 13. The responses are so fun and in some cases, so touching!

The question was: Ninjas, what’s your favorite behind-the-scenes memory from season 13?

Read the replies below with a little commentary from us when it’s needed!

Jesse Labreck: “Kevin Carbone saving Peter’s life during the wind storm.”

It’s pretty well known at this point that there was a WILD wind storm during the taping of Stage One that halted production. At one point, a very large piece of signage fell forward, towards the show’s beloved casting producer, Peter. Luckily, he was surrounded by quick-acting Ninjas like Kevin, who got Peter out of the way!

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Brett Hernandez Strong: “A personal meteorology lesson from Joe Moravsky, who taught us what the Coriolis Effect was and how it contributed to our windy situation.”

Vance Walker: “Adam finally not having to scream the rules on Stage Three.”

Vance is referring to the show’s challenge producer, Adam Sheldon. Part of Adam’s job is to read out the rules of the obstacles ahead of each stage. There were a lot of Ninjas that needed to hear the rules while standing six feet apart from one another. Adam had to yell to make sure everyone could hear. But on Stage Three with just four competitors, Adam finally could lower his voice.

Enzo DeFerrari Wilson: “Seeing the course for the first time. My heart jumped out of my chest!”

Megan Budway: “Seeing the course for the first time! Everything finally felt real and I was so excited to take it on!”

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Jay Lewis: “Meeting up with Joe (Moravsky) after we found out we were racing on the Power Tower was pretty cool.”

Max Feinberg: “Pre Stage One Dippin’ Dots with Kaden (Lebsack). Doing one-arm pull-ups in the warm-up zone. Getting interviewed by you guys!”

Fantastic answer, Max!

Kaden Lebsack: “Dippin’ Dots and chicken fried rice with Max Feinberg and Isabella Wakeham.”

Imagine eating ice cream and fried rice ahead of a major competition. KIDS!

Xavier Dantzler: “When Josiah (Pippel) asked me to hold this huge lizard, then we gave it to Akbar. That was hilarious. Also going to my interview in LA was insane. Driving through the backlot was amazing.”

Owen Dyer: “Waiting out front of the Tacoma Dome with Max Feinberg, Enzo DeFerrari Wilson, and Vance Walker. We all took a picture and said we’re all going to hit buzzers and we made it happen!”

Lou Apalucci: “I was sitting by myself eating before my run. Captain NBC, Jamie Rahn, came up to me and said ‘No Ninja eats alone.’ He sat there and before I knew it, we had a whole table of Ninjas with us. That was one of the coolest memories for me and another reason I was grateful to have him and Donovan Metoyer as my unofficial mentors for my Rookie season!”

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Dave Cavanagh: “Anthony DeFranco, ‘We gonna get this!’ Insert Wild E Coyote hang time before the fall. Hands down best BTS moment haha literally laughing out loud crying right now remembering it.”

Dave and Anthony were obstacle testers for season 13.

We love ALL these stories! We can’t wait for the new memories that will be created during season 14. By the way, if you want your own American Ninja Warrior memories, you can apply now to be on the next season!