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Is this the greatest save of the year?

Leif Sundberg made an unreal save during the Qualifiers.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

American Ninja Warrior shared a little #ThrowbackThursday post on Instagram that had us awash in season 13 memories.

Back for his fourth season on the show, Leif Sundberg was a new dad who wanted to repeat history. During season 11, he hit the Tacoma Qualifying buzzer in under a minute. 2021 went wildly askew for Leif.

However, it might have given us the best save of the season.

We saw this happen in person. We’ve seen it at least five times since then and it never fails to stop us in our tracks. Leif fell on the Log Runner. He hung on, but we assumed his feet would be in the water soon enough.

But no. Leif wasn’t interested in that. He, somehow, hikes those legs up and starts twisting and turning. This seems futile, right? But then he hooks his legs on the log behind him. He takes a breather and flips himself forward. Leif does a careful pushup... And stumbles to safety. It’s a dramatic thing of beauty.

Is this the greatest save of season 13? We think so.

It impressed even the most seasoned of Ninja competitors.

(We’re not asking if this is the greatest save ever because... Come on. THIS exists.)

What are some of the other memorable saves from this past season? Tell us in the comments!