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Season 13’s ‘nicest’ obstacles

These obstacles showed some mercy!

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

We are fascinated by our list of every obstacle and fall from season 13 of American Ninja Warrior. We can’t stop revisiting it to learn something new!

After picking out the 10 most difficult obstacles, we went back in today to find out which obstacles were the easiest. Or, at least which obstacles took out the lowest number of competitors.

As usual, we were pretty surprised by how things shaped up. The easiest obstacle has to be the first one, right? No! That tricky little thing is actually fifth on our list of the 10 most “deadly obstacles” of the year! The Shrinking Steps are not a gimme.

We decided to only have this list include obstacles from the Qualifiers and Semifinals courses. It just seemed like a better measure of the challenge’s difficulty. Stage three had a few obstacles that took out zero competitors, but only four Ninjas reached that course. It didn't feel right to include them in this list.

So here are the five “nicest” obstacles from season 13 outside of the National Finals!

  1. Spider Trap: 0
  2. Warped Wall: 1
  3. Burn Rubber: 2
  4. Salmon Ladder: 2
  5. Block Run: 4

Surprised? We were! Two balance obstacles? The Salmon Ladder? Well, we’ve already discussed the Warped Wall. The Spider Trap usually picks off one or two Ninjas just as they start to think the buzzer is theirs.

What do you think? Could you make it through a course of these five obstacles?