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Top 10 ‘deadly’ obstacles of season 13

Double Down ended 49 runs.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Season 13 of American Ninja Warrior featured 49 individual obstacles this year. We couldn’t survive a single one of them, but many Ninjas got through many obstacles. A few obstacles took out more than their fair share of competitors, though.

With Halloween approaching, we dug around to discover the most frightening obstacles of the year. The top 10 most “deadly” obstacles of season 13.

Double Down, a new obstacle in the second position on the Qualifying course, ended a whopping 49 runs. Below that, we have V Formation, also from the Qualifiers with 38 falls. (We are not counting the version of V Formation that was on Stage Two of the National Finals.) Actually, a lot of these obstacles are from the Qualifiers. That makes sense since there were more Ninjas during that round of the competition. Only one obstacle, Padlock, was exclusively on the Semifinals course.

The very first obstacle, the Shrinking Steps, earned fifth place on this list. These steps appeared eight times this season, so it had many chances to trip people up.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC
  1. Double Down: 49
  2. V Formation: 38
  3. Overpass: 37
  4. Pretzel Twist: 36
  5. Shrinking Steps: 31
  6. Padlock: 28
  7. Tipping Point: 24
  8. Air Surfer: 21
  9. Sideways: 18
  10. Weight For It: 16

What do you think of the list? Any surprises? Any obstacles you thought would make the cut? Tell us in the comments!