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Ninjas and viewers seem to be split on the Warped Wall

Viewers are ready for a change. Ninjas want it left alone.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Last week, while looking over the results from all the obstacles of season 13, we realized that the Warped Wall ended only one run. In season 12, no one failed the wall. So we asked the readers to give us their thoughts on the iconic obstacle.

Did the Warped Wall need a change or revamp if it’s no longer a challenge? The opinions were varied, but the results of our poll indicated that viewers were open to a new height.

  1. 47% said, “Yes, make it taller.”
  2. 32% said, “No. Leave it as it is.”
  3. 21% said, “Yes, take it out and replace it with another obstacle.”

In the comment section of the article, readers shared some of their thoughts on what should happen to the Warped Wall.

  • “I know you may say that it would be hard for the shorter people, but let me remind you that they’re getting used to the original height.”
  • “Warped Wall, but it is a full 180 degree curve.”
  • “If the next season is going to have qualifiers and semifinals in two different locations, then I say get rid of it in the semifinals. It should definitely stay in the qualifiers, but make it a full 15 feet, and have the Mega Wall at 19 feet or something.”

On Instagram, we asked a similar question. This time, we got some feedback from some of the competitors.

Rachel Degutz, who made it to obstacle nine on the Semifinals course, doesn’t want any changes.

Vance Walker, who made it all the way to Stage Three at just 16-years-old, feels the same way.

Philip Scott, who hit his first buzzer in the Qualifiers, has some creative ideas.

Isabella Wakeham, who made it to Stage One as a 17-year-old rookie, pointed out that the National Final’s Warped Wall does eat away the clock.

It seems like there’s a bit of a split. Our poll indicates viewers are leaning towards a change. Perhaps making it taller or adjusting the run-up or curvature. However, it feels like the competing Ninjas want it left just the way it is.

We’ll have to wait to find out which group gets their way on season 14.