How ANW Can Improve their ratings

ANW's ratings are getting worse every year. The problem is that the show has not fixed the real problems with the show and continues to make the same mistakes and never fixes them. The following solutions me and other think can bring back viewers. We thought about average viewers why they aren't watching.

1) Better Editing and promote people that go far. (Twenty Two Production's Season Finale Review covers this in better detail.)

2) Showing more action-packed runs, even random short ones over long intro pieces. They never show any funny fails.

3) Changing look and layout of the course. Like how Sasuke changes the colors of the course. Changing obstacle layouts especially in city rounds would open the door for new types of obstacles. Examples of fun obstacles are Half-Pipe Attack, Flying Chute, Balance Tank, Double Dipper, Deja Vu, and Silk Slider. They are fun because they use their obstacle concept to their fun potential.

4) Make City Rounds less repetitive. Qualifiers and City Finals are always just seeing who can make it too the 5th or 8th obstacle the fastest with the SAME obstacle types in the SAME order. You keep getting the same results unlike Vegas and are rewatchable.

Bonus: Change Final Stage. In most international versions no one has failed the Final Stage. It not that hard. ANYTHING works. If you can't please explain why.

I hope you consider these things for ANW 14.

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