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Give us your opinions on ‘Split Decision’

Love it? Hate it? Tell us about it.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

We’re big into gathering feedback between the American Ninja Warrior seasons. While we don’t actually make any production decisions, we do share what we learn with the people who have power.

Season 13 introduced a very distinct new format change. That was the introduction of “Split Decision.” It was a point on the course where the competitors had to pick one of two obstacles. Would they go left or go right? Would their decision send them farther down the course or spinning into the water? It took up time on the clock, it took up mental energy, and it decided the fates of many Ninjas.

So, what did you think? Would you like to see Split Decision back next year?

You can take a look back at all the Split Decisions with our articles listed below.

What were your thoughts about Split Decision? Do you want to see it back next year? Would you want to see any changes to it? Do you hate it and want it banished forever? Take the poll! Share some comments!


Do you want ‘Split Decision’ to return next season?

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