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Jamie Rahn’s shoeless run is so good that we broke it down obstacle by obstacle

How did he not stub his toes even once?

It’s pretty hard to make new history on Stage One of American Ninja Warrior’s National Finals. It’s been around for so many years that a lot of Ninjas have been there and done that. But Jamie Rahn set his own kind record when he nailed that course with no shoes. It’s a run worth watching over and over, so we’re breaking it down moment by moment today.

Let’s set the scene. It’s season 10 of American Ninja Warrior. Jamie has completed the Philadelphia Qualifying and City Finals course. He’s on a roll. He’s ready for Vegas and the National Finals.

He’s locked and loaded. Jamie is zoned in on the Stage One buzzer.

Things went fine on Archer Alley. One obstacle down!

Things go sideways on the Propeller Bar. Somehow Jamie loses a shoe after hitting the trampoline.

Distracted, he misses the rope grab twice. But hey, at least he made it up to the bar!

Bye-bye, shoe. Hello, sock.

Please enjoy the exact moment Jamie realizes, “Yup, that happened.”

What’s Jamie supposed to do with one socked foot? That doesn’t work. So he loses the sock next.

He still stuck the landing from the Double Dipper.

We recoil every time we watch Jamie launch into the Jumping Spider. Those poor little toesies!

Heading into Jeep Run, Jamie makes a tactical decision. He evens things out and ditches his remaining shoe. We now officially have a barefoot Ninja.

We believe this is the first time in American Ninja Warrior history when the Warped Wall was completed with zero footwear.

At this point, Jamie is like “Hey, I could pull this off!” He starts pouring on the steam to make up time.

Somehow, he makes it to the Twist and Fly with juuust enough time to reach the buzzer.

Jamie’s reaction is all of our reactions.

No, seriously. What?

And that’s the story of Jamie Rahn’s bafflingly fantastic Stage One shoeless run!