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You can now watch Meagan Martin’s frustrating Semi-Finals run

To quote Akbar, “Ffffff...ARGH!”

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Not that you’d necessarily want to, but you can now watch Meagan Martin’s frustratingly short American Ninja Warrior Semi-Finals run on YouTube.

Season 12 was a bit of an off-year for the veteran competitor (But really, who didn’t have a weird 2020?). Injury rehabilitation and quarantine meant Meagan wasn’t able to train as she traditionally would.

In the Qualifiers, she made it to the fifth obstacle, which just eeked her into the Semi-Finals. There, she fell on the balance obstacle, Burn Rubber, which brought her season to a screeching halt.

Before that run, Meagan had told us that her mental game was one concern for her. “I do still have life in this season, so I’m going to CALM DOWN and stop being so stressed. My mind gets to me sometimes. I’m going to try to relax a little bit.”

After pausing before Burn Rubber, you can see that things go wrong on the second wheel. She lands a little low, causing the wheel to spin towards her and putting her in the position of scrambling to regain her balance. She flings herself to the third wheel, belly-flopping with a force that spins her forward and into the landing pad and water.

We think this might be the closest Akbar has ever come to maaaybe swearing. He definitely looked like he had some choice words for the moment. His reaction reflects what every viewer was feeling.

Season 12 was bumpy for Meagan. But we’re saying, “So what?” We know she’s got more to bring in the near future!