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We’d watch all the Ninja Warrior specials you suggested

We asked for your ideas and you came through big time!

David Becker/NBC

When we asked what kind of American Ninja Warrior specials you’d want to see, you all showed UP with the responses! Across our site and social media platforms, suggestions poured in.

In the past, American Ninja Warrior has aired USA vs the World and All-Stars special competitions. It looks like there are plans for a family special in 2021. We wanted to know what other specials the viewers would tune in to watch. The list went on and on! Keep reading to see what great ideas came in. You all could be producers!

Some of these ideas have been lightly edited for clarity and length. We received a few suggestions multiple times and thus only included one mention.

David Becker/NBC

Vets vs. New Comers

“Does experience win out? Can you earn your stripes? Let’s find out! A course set up more like a maze than a straight line makes it more interesting.” - Cmcinaz

Women’s special

“An all-female special with the top 15 female ninja warriors with the format of USA vs the world - Aviv Bikel-Sagi

Ninjas 40-years-old and up

“I would do one for Ninjas 40yrs and older. Every season they have more and more younger ninjas and less older Ninjas.”

The return of celebrity Ninja Warrior

“I think it would be cool to have celebrities try the actual course. It would also be cool to have a battle of the regions. And put them to battle on a speed course and an upper body gauntlet.”

Ninja Warrior Tournament of Champions

“What about something like a tournament of champions? Invite everyone who has reached a particular milestone, like made it up the Warped Wall, or completed 8 obstacles, or something like that.”

Regional competition

“I liked Australia’s version of different regions competing against each other. It could be implemented here with the six regions that used to exist back in seasons four and five. Where the best competitors from these regions compete against each other.”

Kids versus adults (It’s harder than it sounds!)

“Vance Walker: Kids vs adults episode

Taylor Johnson: Fighting words. Let’s go!

Ivettestarlette: Okay, but you compete as an adult to be fair.”

Throwback to the original season one course

“An episode where Ninjas compete on the original American Ninja Warrior course from season one!”

Ninja gym vs Ninja gym

“Ninja gym vs Ninja gym. Each gym could have multiple teams.”

The return of the military special

“Let’s bring back the Military special.”

A first responders special

“911 responders (EMT’s, Hospital Workers, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, etc) week.”

Coaches and students

“A coaches and students special”

Era vs era

“I’d create a competition where the best Ninjas from each era (e.g. seasons 1-2, seasons 4-6, etc.) competed against each other to see which ers performed the best on different types of courses.”

Stage Three exhibition runs

“Top 20 men and women get to try Stage Three. Always wanted to see a woman start from the starting line and at least make it past the Ultimate Cliffhanger.”

Toddler Ninja Warrior (We’re joking here)

“Ninja babies! Children under five doing obstacles for little people.”

Couples edition

“You need an American Ninja Warrior couples special!”

Got any other ideas? Leave them in the comment section below!