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Let’s manifest the 2021 Ninja Warrior accomplishments we want to see

What do you want to see happen in 2021?

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

We are moving into 2021 with all the energy and positivity we can muster! Season 12 of American Ninja Warrior was nothing short of a miracle. It was pulled off during the thick of the pandemic and the network, production company, and Ninjas bent over backward to make it possible. But it’s a new year and we’re putting our thoughts towards the new accomplishments we want to see!

You have to put your wishes out into the universe for them to come true, right? So let’s manifest some 2021 Ninja Warrior awesome-ness! We’ll get it started...

More women completing the 10-obstacle extended course

We’ve got Kacy Catanzaro, Michelle Warnky, and Jesse Labreck on the list. In 2021, we want to see that list have a massive growth spurt!

Comeback years for season 12’s early falls

Michelle Warnky? Yup. Dave Cavanagh? Yup. Sean Bryan? Yup. Can this list go on and on? Yup. Let’s see some redemption!

A full, four-stage National Finals.

Don’t get us wrong, we really did love the thrilling Power Tower playoffs of season 12. It was wonderful to watch the Ninjas flex their speed skills. But there’s something so historically important about closing the season with those four almost impossible stages. Also, it would be an indicator that maybe the world is creeping back towards something that looks like “normal” and we’re totally up for that.

So what do you want to manifest in 2021 for American Ninja Warrior? Hit up the comment section and let us know!