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Mega Wall or Warped Wall? The Ninja Warriors weigh in.

A fun question on Instagram prompted some interesting responses.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Do you dare? That’s the question we asked on Instagram regarding the 14.5’ Warped Wall, or the 18’ Mega Wall on American Ninja Warrior. You need to complete one or the other to clear the Qualifying course and one comes with a $10,000 bonus prize. However, it can cost you something as well.

Some big name Ninja Warriors chimed in to give us their thoughts!

We asked, “You have one shot and the clock is ticking. Are you going for the Mega Wall or the Warped Wall?”

This question was especially relevant in season 12. In the Qualifiers, the Ninjas had a choice of taking one shot at the Mega Wall or going straight for the Warped Wall. Setting up for the Mega Wall would cost precious seconds that could knock a competitor out of the running for the Power Tower where there was a chance to bring all their team members to the Semi-Finals.

(That is unless you’re Joe Morvasky and you can somehow pull off BOTH.)

When we thought of the question, we were expecting responses from the viewing audience. What would they do in that position? But the Ninjas themselves poured in with some hilarious and insightful responses.

At 6’6”, Jody Avila seems like he’s made for the Mega Wall, but he has a bit of a history with the obstacle...

“That Mega Wall has had me looking like 7 year old trying to give Shaq a high-five enough times... I’ll take the little wall.”

Nick Hanson is one of the few people who can claim multiple Mega Wall clears. He was one of the first Ninjas to clear it back in season 10. In season 12, he chose to go for the money once again. However, his completion time did not put him in the top 12 for the night.

“You already know.”

Nate Hansen called out Austin Gray, who is currently 0 for 2 on Mega Wall attempts. (Soon, Austin, soon!)

Ryan Stratis beat the Mega Wall in both season 10 and season 11. He sat out of season 12, but he made a very timely reference to express his interest in going for a triple.

“Gimme dat Mega Wall Stimulus Package.”

OG Ninja David Campbell cleared the Mega Wall in season 12, so his choice was clear.


Morgan “The Moose” Wright wasn’t feeling confident enough to declare for the Mega Wall.

“I’ll take ‘What is the 14.5’ wall?’ for $750 survivor bonus, please Alex.”

Dave Cavanagh, known as the “King of the Walk-Ons,” was a bit self-reflective. He had a run-in with a balance obstacle in season 12 that made this a moot point for him.

“Yes... 6 out of 8 times I’ll have the time to take a try... the other time I don’t even get there. #worstseasontodate #betternextyear”

Okay, so the Ninjas have officially chimed in. But what about you? Are you taking the Mega Wall or the Warped Wall?