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Worried about the teenagers taking on Ninja Warrior this season? Don’t be.

Oh, they can handle it. Here’s an example.

Jay Lewis/Instagram

Recently, it was announced that American Ninja Warrior was in the process of selecting athletes between the ages of 15-18 to compete in season 13. We saw a few comments that wondered if these young athletes would be ready for the big leagues.

We’re here to say don’t worry about these kids. They’ve got this.

Let’s take a quick look at one of the first teen competitors to confirm they received the invitation. Casting calls could potentially go on for weeks. We don’t know everyone who has been selected yet. But we do know that 16-year-old Jay Lewis shared that he got one of those very special calls. He goes by “Jay Lache” on Instagram if that tells you anything...

Here’s your first hint that this selection wasn’t just to get some kids on the show for the sake of discussion. The comments on his post come from some of the biggest Ninja Warriors out there, and they are pumped he’ll be on the show with them.

Jay took second place at the 2020 National Ninja League World Championships in the “Young Adult” division. He was a Semi-Finalist on the 2019 season of American Ninja Warrior Junior. And he really likes laches.

Remember, he’s SIXTEEN.

Just... Don’t worry about him.

As we said, the show is deep in the process of selecting these young athletes for season 13, so we won’t have much more confirmed information for awhile. But it is very safe to say that the producers are selecting teens who are more than ready to handle the course and blow us all away.