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Five ways to pass the time while we all wait for season 13 info

We’re all in the same boat on this one.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Okay, we’re going to level with you. January is a tough one for us over here at American Ninja Warrior Nation.

We’re waiting. Waiting on that first flurry of social media posts that comes with the start of the casting calls. Waiting to confirm and announce upcoming details for 2021 and season 13. Will the show travel? Will we go back to the format used prior to season 12? What will that family special be like?


But, it’s January, and in our world, that’s usually a big-old waiting game. We know the news will come. We know it will be relatively soon on the bigger scale. But it’s just not here yet. So we wait. We refresh our email inbox and try to pass the time as effectively as possible.

Are you waiting too? You could be waiting to see if you receive a casting call. Or just excited to see who gets a call. Or heck, you just want to know more about season 13.

Here are five ways we can distract ourselves while we wait out these final days, as demonstrated by American Ninja Warrior.

Train. (Obviously)

You must be ready when the phone rings!

Focus on a different hobby.

Be a well-rounded person.

Get outside.

Go breathe that fresh air and calm your mind.

Stay up on current trends

This is it. This is the one.

Reminisce on the good times.

Season 13 WILL be here before we know it. Till then, think of all the memories American Ninja Warrior has already gifted to us!

Any day now... Stay tuned.