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Five things that have literally been left behind on the course

We talk about “leaving it all” on the course. But some Ninjas leave even a little more...

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

We always talk about “leaving it all” on the American Ninja Warrior course. Usually, we mean that in the figurative sense. The Ninjas leave it all out there, their energy, their hearts, all their hard work.

But what about the things that are literally left on the course? As the Ninjas zip along at top speeds, sometimes some belongings are sacrificed along the way.

Here are five things that have literally been left on the course.

1 - John Loobey left his teeth.

Hey, he’s the oldest competitor to complete two obstacles! So what if the Wingnuts knocked a little something out of him.

2 - Jamie Rahn famously left a shoe.

How Cinderella of him. Although it had no bearing on his ability to reach the buzzer.

3 - Michelle Warnky maybe left a little bit of DNA.

A little kiss from the Ring Swing led to one heck of a dramatic finish at the top of the Warped Wall.

4 - Zach Gowen left his prosthetic limb at the starting line.

This run STILL gives us chills. This is the actual embodiment of determination.

5 - Mike Wright usually leaves some pants behind.

He’s a diving coach. It makes sense in context. But it can be a little jarring if you don’t know what’s coming.

This was fun! What are we forgetting? What else has been left behind on the American Ninja Warrior course?