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Sam Sann made every moment matter at the Houston City Finals

This run didn’t have any jaw-dropping moves. It had dozens of small decisions adding up to something monumental.

American Ninja Warrior - Season 7 Photo by: Bob Levey/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

We’ve recently taken a look at some “right choices” that were made on the American Ninja Warrior course. Between Jessie Graff’s splits, and JJ Woods’ leap, they’ve been some pretty flashy choices.

Today, thanks to a suggestion from a reader, we’re taking a look at a quieter set of “right choices.” As we’ve been saying, the right decision is deeply personal. It depends on the competitor, the course, and that moment in time. One decision does not fit all.

Now we’re looking back at the series of right decisions Sam Sann made in Houston to put together an unforgettable run.

This all happened back in season seven of American Ninja Warrior. Sam, a veteran competitor and renowned trainer at this point, faced the Houston City Finals course. It was a gauntlet. Sam’s approach was to be as efficient as possible and move methodically between the obstacles.

Like we said, his choices weren’t flashy, but they were right. Like when he climbed along the taut edge of the cargo net instead of down the sagging middle, conserving energy.

And here, when he “preloaded” the swinging spikes on bungee cords so he wouldn’t be taxed by the drop of the transfer.

Those decisions left him with enough energy to clear the Crazy Cliffhanger.

And that was key to bringing him a City Finals clear. At 48-years-old (at the time), Sam is the second oldest competitor to reach this milestone. (Jon Stewart is the oldest City Finals finisher at 52, which he accomplished in season six.)

This run is considered a legend not because of a single moment, but because of multiple tiny decisions that culminated in history. Every moment matters on the course, and Sam Sann made every moment count.

What other “right decision” runs should we look at? Share your thoughts in the comments below.