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Amir Malik very definitely broke that buzzer during his premier run

Like, he really, REALLY broke it.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

We’re actually not sure if this moment was an American Ninja Warrior first or not, but it was certainly worth watching again in slow motion! Amir Malik actually BROKE the buzzer on season 12.

The rookie was a sensation during all of his 2020 runs, but he certainly left an impression with his Qualifiers appearance. After cruising through the course he unintentionally caused a bit of property damage. We “break” it down below. (Get it?)

Amir knew he had this run once he was at the Warped Wall.

His first course run in his rookie season gave him a top time and he was pumped! He rightfully slammed down on the buzzer with all the passion of a warrior.

But then, as he reared back, he forgot to let go! You can see Amir tearing the top of the buzzer away from the pole.

Yup. That thing is completely disconnected.

And then Amir slams down on it again for good measure. It’s hard to get a screengrab of it, but if you look close, it actually breaks the buzzer apart and a bit of the casing goes flying.

Yeah. He really, really broke that thing. Look at Akbar’s face. Don’t go into Akbar’s house and start breaking his stuff!

But it was all well and good. The crew was able to swiftly fix the buzzer and Amir went on to continue his Cinderella season, making it all the way to the second round of the Power Tower playoffs!