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Who do you think will become a “Last Ninja Standing” (or winner) in the coming years?

Which Ninjas will add their names to the history books?

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Well, it’s the last post of our “Firsts and Lasts” theme week, so obviously it had to be about a last, rather than a first. We don’t want to talk about last runs and last moments that much because usually, that’s just a bummer.

So how do you make a last more upbeat? Put it in the context of the show’s competition!

Who do you think we’ll see earn the “Last Ninja Standing” title in the coming seasons?

So we’re stretching that definition a bit. Generally, the Last Ninja Standing title is awarded to the competitor who goes the farthest in the season but does not achieve Total Victory. In this case, we’re including wins within what qualifies as a “Last Ninja Standing.”

Previous Last Ninjas Standing are competitors such as Joe Moravsky, David Campbell, and Isacc Caldiero, to name a few. It’s a very small, very elite group of competitors. And that group will grow year over year. More names will be added.

Who do you think is on the precipice of becoming a “Last Ninja Standing” (or a winner) on American Ninja Warrior?

And thanks for playing along with our theme week! It has been so much fun to read everyone’s thoughts and opinions.