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We dug up American Ninja Warrior’s very first Instagram post

It’s like opening a time capsule!

Ninja Warrior/Instagram

As our American Ninja Warrior “Firsts and Lasts” theme week approaches its conclusion, we took a trip down memory lane. We wanted to take a look at the very first Instagram post ever published by the official Ninja Warrior account.

Why did we think of this? We’re not sure. It popped into our heads and we became attached to finding out what image has that place in history. So we poured a fresh cup of coffee and started scrolling... and scrolling.

It was actually a pretty wild trip to watch the history of American Ninja Warrior unfurl in fast rewind. Two seasons of Team Ninja Warrior and a season of Ninja vs Ninja whipped past. The faces of the highlighted competitors changed. The hosts changed. The whole aesthetic of the branding devolved back to the G4 days of old.

And then, the infinite scroll bumped to an end. We had found it. The bottom of the account. What was it? What would it picture? What was the caption? Having the honor of being the very first post is like having one of those commemorative bricks outside a stadium. It’s a permanent marker in time!

Without further ado, here it is: American Ninja Warrior’s very first Instagram post.

This moment in history took place on June 18, 2013. According to comments on the post, the competitor in the picture is Kole Stevens. The caption says, “Upper body strength: one of the many requirements to compete on American Ninja Warrior.”

Poetic. Insightful. Perfection.

We hope attaining this knowledge has enlightened you as much as it has us.