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What American Ninja Warrior firsts are you waiting to see?

We’ve seen a lot of accomplishments on the show, but there’s still more to come!

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

“Firsts and Lasts” Week here at ANW Nation is rolling right along! Yesterday, we asked you to share which obstacles you hope you've seen the LAST of on the course. Today, share your firsts with us!

What FIRSTS on American Ninja Warrior are you still anxiously waiting to witness?

In the show’s 12 seasons, so much has happened. So many people have triumphed over so many different obstacles to find success on the show, however they define that. But there’s still so much left to be conquered. What do you want to see?

Are you hoping a certain veteran gets their shot at Stage Three of the National Finals? Do you want to see the first woman (or women!) to clear Stage Two in the regular competition and advance? Maybe you want to see the first competitor over 60-years-old to hit a buzzer in the City Finals.

It can be anything at all! What FIRST on American Ninja Warrior are you still waiting on? You know what to do. Tell us in the comments!