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5 things that happened the last time Ninja Warrior was in Baltimore

Should that trip be the LAST time the show tapes in Baltimore?

American Ninja Warrior - Season 11 Photo by: William Gray/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Today, continuing with our American Ninja Warrior “Firsts and Lasts” theme, we were inspired by the phrase, “Remember the last time that...?”

More specifically, remember the last time that the show was in Baltimore?

American Ninja Warrior has set up camp in Baltimore, Maryland, twice. First in season five and then in season 11. Remember what happened last time? Whoo, we sure do.

First of all, it was freezing. Second of all, it was a hard couple of night all around. The weather wasn’t the best and the course was taking no prisoners. Even in the Qualifying rounds, a few big names did not reach the buzzer due to the rule that if you stepped up to the Mega Wall, you had to stick with your three shots at the Mega Wall. No stepping over to the smaller Warped Wall.

But then, the City Finals came along and slapped us upside the head with a brutal night of falls. Let’s look back at five things that happened the last time American Ninja Warrior was in Baltimore.

1 - Akbar got beaked by a penguin.

2 - Three competitors (Chris Wilczewski, Najee Richardson, Joe Moravsky) tried the Mega Wall but were denied.

3 - But Dave Cavanagh had a really great time there.

4 - No one completed the City Finals course.

5 - That was due in large part to the Angry Birds, a new obstacle that no one could defeat.

Okay, it was a pretty mixed bag. When we remember back to that night, it’s usually with a groan, not a smile. So maybe the last time Ninja Warrior was in Baltimore should become the LAST TIME Ninja Warrior goes to Baltimore.