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Kevin Bull’s first City Finals made him an instant legend

His Cannonball Alley move launched him to instant Ninja Warrior stardom.

When it comes to American Ninja Warrior, there’s making an entrance and then there’s making a Kevin Bull entrance.

Since we’re taking a look a “Firsts/Lasts” this week, today we’re looking at Kevin Bull’s first City Finals run. AKA: The Cannonball Alley incident.

Back in season six, Kevin was an unknown rookie. A walk-on, even! In the Venice Qualifiers, he completed the course with a top time, but it was the City Finals that really put this new competitor on the map. He gave us one of the most unforgettable examples of Ninja-prowess we’ve ever seen on the course.

Kevin’s form on the Quintuple Steps gave us a glimpse of his decathlete experience.

Remember this thing? The Spinning Wheel? Lol. Pretty sure not many people miss it.

Remember the Slack Ladder? Oh, the good old days when you could train for American Ninja Warrior using just a slackline.

Remember when this was considered a challenging laché distance? We’re feeling so nostalgic!

Okay, okay. We know the course wasn’t easy back then. It takes incredible control to hold those lock-offs on the Monkey Peg.

Check out Kevin’s style on the Warped Wall. He actually hopped up to the edge.

He did have one small hitch on the Salmon Ladder. Nothing to write home about.

NOW, this is what we wanted to talk about. Cannonball Alley was a beast. To this point in the night, no Ninja had been able to complete the obstacle. It looked like a total Ninja killer.

That is, until this moment. Kevin flexed those abs and hauled his legs up over the third ball.

This means that once he let go with his hands, he was swaying upside down, swinging trapeze-style. The daring move gave him the momentum and length he needed to be the first Ninja to make it to the landing pad!

You know it’s good when this is the sideline reaction.

And he got a standing ovation.

Only three other Ninjas would clear the obstacle that night, all of them after Kevin demonstrated that it was possible. Still on the course, Kevin handled the Body Prop simply.

Then it was the Spider Climb.

Boom. First finisher of the night. Epic Ninja Warrior career launched. Mic dropped.

Since this move, Kevin has made six National Finals appearances. In season 12, he cleared the Qualifying course and then made his exit in the Semi-Finals on the Corkscrew obstacle. But, as we can plainly see, Kevin is an adaptable Ninja. He’ll find a way back to the top.