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2020 All-Stars Special to re-air on Sunday, January 17

NBC will re-broadcast the special on Sunday, January 17 at 9pm.

David Becker/NBC

Ready to go back to 2020? No? Don’t worry. This is a fun throwback.

NBC will re-air the 2020 American Ninja Warrior All-Stars Special this Sunday, January 17 at 9pm.

The 2020 All-Stars Special was filmed shortly after season 11 in Las Vegas. It didn’t debut on NBC until August of 2020, thus we refer to it as the 2020 Special. It’s been about four months since the program made its debut, so the results aren’t exactly a secret. But it’s worth another watch!

The All-Stars Special featured some fantastic moments. In the Team Competition, we had Zuri Hall’s energetic rookie team competing against Matt Iseman’s band of veterans and Akbar Gbajabiamia’s fun-loving professionals. The Skills Competition featured the Fearsome Ferris Wheel, Striding Steps, Mega Spider Climb, and the Big Dipper Freestyle Challenge.

Whether you missed the show the first time around, or you just really want to see American Ninja Warrior on your TV screen again, Sunday is your chance! Tune in to NBC at 9/8c on Sunday to catch the 2020 All-Stars Special one more time!

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If you’re looking for other American Ninja Warrior episodes, remember that they’re available on NBC’s streaming service, Peacock!