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Watch the first 14 minutes of American Ninja Warrior’s season premiere

Can’t wait till Monday? Then don’t!

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

American Ninja Warrior returns on MONDAY, people!!! That’s just a couple days away! (Monday, September 7 at 8pm EST/PST on NBC.) Can’t wait that long? NBC understands, so they just dropped the first 14 minutes of the episode for us!

To be honest, it took us about 20 seconds to start getting emotional. The show opens with a powerful reminder that the world is a pretty daunting place right now, but we all have the Ninja spirit to push on. We’re not crying. YOU’RE crying.

Okay, deep breath. Time to put the emotions aside and get excited! In those first 14 minutes, we watch two Ninjas take on the first night of Qualifiers. (Remember, we have a new format this season. Read about it here.)

The course features six obstacles:

  • Shrinking Steps
  • Weight For It
  • Ring Chaser
  • Rib Run
  • Slingshot
  • Warped Wall/Mega Wall

We meet teacher Robert Moffitt, who has Allyssa Beird on his sideline. Then there’s former NFL player and former Ninja Warrior buzzer-hitter (season 4) Kamerion Wimbley. He’s there with Grant McCartney cheering him on. We’ll let you watch the video yourself to find out how they did!

Gobble up this preview and tune in on Monday for the full action!