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American Ninja Warrior offers a ‘first look’ at season 12

The preview highlights the safety precautions that made this season possible.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

New format. New obstacles. Same amazing Ninjas. That’s our takeaway from this “first look” at American Ninja Warrior released by NBC to Entertainment Weekly.

We already knew that things had to change in order for season 12 to be possible. When taping was delayed back in March, production never stopped searching for a way to get the cameras rolling again. Once they had a plan they were confident would keep the Ninjas and crew safe, it was time to make some magic.

American Ninja Warrior was one of the first few shows to go back into production during this pandemic and no one took that lightly. (I can attest to that. I attended the taping in person and as a result, took five Covid-19 tests as part of the process.) Everyone was committed to keeping one another healthy. Masks were mandatory. There was even a safety team on site who offered friendly reminders to stay six-feet apart when they caught anyone getting a little too close. (The only exception to the mask rule was when a Ninja was on the course, or on the sideline. That was it.)

Because season 12 will be an eight-episode season that did not travel from city to city, the format is different. You should read about that here ahead of Monday’s premiere.

American Ninja Warrior, we are so ready for you! Season 12 debuts on Monday, September 7, at 8pm EST/PST on NBC.