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Let’s hear your thoughts on this season’s Qualifying Power Tower prize

It’s resurrected four Ninjas to return for the Semi-Finals.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

When the team behind American Ninja Warrior set out to make sure we got a season 12, regardless of the pandemic, they knew it wouldn’t be business as usual.

The show wouldn’t be able to travel and they’d need to keep the group of competitors as tight as possible. Without the possibility of the traditional National Finals in Las Vegas, a new format was created. You can read all about that here.

One big aspect of this season is the Power Tower. It will become incredibly important in the final round of competition. The only way to win this year is to defeat the other finalists in head-to-head races on the Power Tower.

But before we get to the Finals, the Power Tower is already affecting the competition. In the Qualifying rounds, the two fastest competitors race on the Power Tower. The prize on the line is the ability to bring both their group members into the Semi-Finals. We want your feedback on that.

How do you feel about this season’s Power Tower prize? Would you change anything about it?

We haven’t seen the last Qualifying round just yet, but we have already seen the power of the prize in action.

Jake Murray’s win against Ethan Swanson brought Glenn Albright and Barry Goers back into the season after both failed to make the top 12.

R.J. Roman was fixated on saving his team, and he did it with a huge move on the Power Tower to beat out Sean Bryan.

The idea of a second chance at this stage is a new one for American Ninja Warrior. Season 11 introduced the idea of a “do-over” at the National Finals as one Power Tower prize. However, never before has there been a chance to get back in the game after falling early in the very first round.

We all know the course is fickle. The very best Ninjas can go down early. A short run doesn’t necessarily mean the Ninja can’t hack it on a longer course. But on the other hand, understanding that anything can happen at any moment is a big part of Ninja Warrior’s foundation.

What are your thoughts on the Qualifying Power Tower prize? Would you change it? Do you like that a select few get a second chance? How do you think the “saved” competitors will fair in the Semi-Finals?

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