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Watch former San Francisco Giant Gary Brown hit the course

He has a World Series ring, but can he get a buzzer?

UPDATE: Night four of the Qualifiers will now air on Monday, October 5.

Not all athletic experiences translate well to the American Ninja Warrior course. Just ask the NFL and NBA players who’ve attempted the course in the past with vast degrees of varying success. But one baseball player swung for the fences when he stepped on the course.

On the upcoming fourth night of Qualifiers, an MLB player will try his hand at the course, and you can watch it right now! Former San Francisco Giants outfielder Gary Brown took on the course as part of Karsten William’s Ninja group. Brown has a World Series ring from his time with the team, but he wanted to add a buzzer to his collection of bragging rights.

Take a look at his run above! We’ll be honest, this Ninja Warrior rookie did WAY better than we were expecting! Is his performance good enough to get him to the Semi-Finals? We’ll have to wait and see.

American Ninja Warrior’s fourth (and final) night of Qualifiers will air on Monday, October 5, on NBC.