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R.J. Roman and Sean Bryan went for broke on the Power Tower

We loved this face-off!

American Ninja Warrior’s third night of Qualifiers culminated in an epic Power Tower face off.

Sean Bryan earned the second fastest time of the night with a whip-like run through the course. It was made even more impressive by the fact that it was his return to the course after surgery to address a shoulder injury he sustained during the National Finals in season 11.

Then R.J. Roman stepped up to the course and drilled all his pent up aggression into the obstacles, flying through the course to take the top time.

This squared up the Ninjas for a heck of a face off. Both Sean and R.J.’s Ninja groups were in need of a second chance. On R.J’s side, Ben Melick and Jessica Helmer were out of the top 12. For Sean Bryan, Father Stephen Gadberry and David Womelsdorf wanted one more shot.

There was a whole “Speed demon” vs “Speed angel” thing going on as the Ninjas, who looked like polar opposites, stepped up to the start line. Once we thought about this match up, we honestly had no clue who would take it.

The race was thrilling, with Sean taking the lead at first. R.J. then brought it to a tie. With the buzzer almost in reach, R.J. made a decision. Instead of building more power by swinging back on the last dropping shelf, he tossed his body towards the finishing platform, BARELY making it and slapping the buzzer a moment before Sean. Watch the full race above!