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Watch Najee Richardson end his buzzer drought

He got the ball rolling on what will hopefully be a great season!

As we’ve discussed previously, Najee Richardson is one Ninja who deeply understands the ups and downs of American Ninja Warrior. The course is a fickle thing and the rules are unforgiving. Sometimes, you reach all your goals. Sometimes, you head home early.

Season 11 was a bit dry for Najee. While he advanced to the National Finals, he did it without a buzzer, a bittersweet way to spend a season. But that changed with season 12.

Najee returned to the course on the third night of Qualifiers with a new, steely resolve. He faced the new Beehive obstacle, and took a rolling dive off the Spinning Bridge. After the Ferris Wheels, Najee tried for the Mega Wall, a feat he accomplished back in season 10. He missed by juuust his fingertips and ultimately got the buzzer on the Warped Wall, proudly wearing his “Ninjas For Black Lives” shirt. It was a buzzer. That helps build momentum as Najee moves into the upcoming Semi-Finals.

Watch his full run above!