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The Striding Steps focused on dynamic duos

We loved these match ups!

David Becker/NBC

The Striding Steps are one of the wildest and most unpredictable challenges of the American Ninja Warrior All-Stars special. The newest special brought it back and kept the focus on dynamic duos.

The Striding Steps are all about agility and speed. The Ninjas race side-by-side down nine steps that are about five-feet apart. They swing out on a rope to turn around and attempt to return to the buzzer. The game is unpredictable because when the pressure is on, any tiny misstep or mistake can send a Ninja swimming.

But the pairings created for this year’s challenge were just... *chef’s kiss. There was the 5’ Barclay Stockett versus the 6’6” Jody Avila.

Grant McCartney and Chad Flexington amped up their already large personalities for a little extra entertainment value.

Bros for life, Dan Polizzi and Brandon Mears took the plunge together.

David Becker/NBC

Engaged couple Jesse Labreck and Chris Digangi put six whole months of laundry-duty on the line!

David Becker/NBC

For the results of all these match ups, check out our Skills Challenge recap here. You can also read more about the Team Competition here.

Season 12 of American Ninja Warrior debuts on Monday, September 7 at 8pm EST/PST on NBC.