RIP Nick Hansen (Some collected thoughts on night 2)

Wow. That was quite interesting. Ok, so here is mt new recap format where I just list ten things about the episode.

1-Where is Kid Owhadi?

Daniel Gil brought some people from Iron Sports, but Kid Owhadi wasn't there. Hopefully he gets to be on this season.

2-Goodness Caleb Bergstrom

This guy has some serious skill, making it up the mega wall in his rookie season. He has dominated in ninja gym competitions, but a small slip completely ended his season. That sucked

3- Jesse Labreck

She still proves that she is the best female ninja (I know that she hasn't beat stage 1 yet) but that was a very quick run out of her. Side thought: If she gets married to Chris, will that make her Jesse DiGangi? Flex DiGangi doesn't work as well?

4- Fastest time of the night

Jake Murray proved himself as a speed demon. He was able to complete the course sub 1 minute. Side note: There was that one kid in Tacoma Qualifyers (Lief Sundberg if I'm not mistaken) who just casually got sub one minute in qualifiers. What happened to him?

5- The new Casey Rothschild

Ashley McConville surprised us all with her first run on the ANW course. With good technique and stamina, she can definitely go far (as long as she doesn't fail on the first obstacle in semifinals)

6-JJ woods' unlucky streak

First, the Big Dipper, next the Razors Edge, and now the ring chaser. Oh boy. Looks like JJ Woods has a very bad losing streak of getting out in the qualifying. He has had some good seasons, but this was not one of them.

7-Able Gonzales's Surprising return

It was sad and shocking when Able didn't make it to Vegas last season, but he was able to return strong. It gave me some nostalgia from some of the earlier seasons he competed in.

8- Daniel Gil's Mega Wall Streak Broken

That's right folks. Daniel could have gotten to the power tower, but instead, he went for the mega wall and failed. This is shocking coming from (technically) the best ninja on the show.

9- Another Intense Power Tower

I have seen all of the power tower races and some of them were kind of boring, but this one was definitely intense. Good job Jake Murray for being a literal speed demon.

10- RIP Nick Hansen

Of course the thing you are all waiting for. They brushed over this in the episode, but he made it up the mega wall and still didn't qualify. Now that sucks (at least he has some money.) I think that this will definitely spark some controversy because it tie to the question: should you still qualify if you make it up the warped wall but not make the top cut. This is more of an issue this season because of the limited amount of people who can get through. Let me know what you think.

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