My Favorite Obstacles

Ok. I know that I just posted a controversial obstacles article but today I am going to talk about some of my favorite obstacles. Please share some of your favorites if you want to. (I might make a part 2)

1- Cane Lane

I don't know why, but I always had a soft spot for this obstacle. It is fun, has a cool design, and does its job. It is one of those obstacles that is tough but beatable and makes sure the best can get past it. I am glad they added a version of it on stage three because it fits perfectly there. I was disappointed to see the modified version not attempted because of stupid angry birds.

2- Walk the Plank

This is more of a modification of an old obstacle, but it is good nonetheless. Its nice design and timing technique fits well as the second obstacle. It's really hard to explain why I like it. I just think it is cool. (I also build a Lego recreation of this obstacle.)

3- Angry Birds

What can I say? This obstacle is perfection

The real #3- Captain's Wheel

This one is kind of a wildcard. It's not too well known, but I think it is an epic obstacle. You have to spin the wheel with bars sticking out of it and lock it into place. I think it was cool that ANW took the design from something the ninja gyms made (which I think they should do more often.) I am sad to see that this obstacle hasn't returned and may never come back.

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