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Jesse Labreck set a buzzer record with her Qualifying run

But you know there’s no way she’s done for the season.

Jesse Labreck’s American Ninja Warrior buzzer list just got longer!

  • Season nine - Cleveland Qualifying
  • Season 10 - Philadelphia Qualifying
  • Season 11 - Cincinnati Qualifying AND City Finals
  • Season 12 - Night Two of Qualifiers!

Jesse dominated the Qualifying course like it was made for her. Reaching the buzzer set two records. It was the fourth Qualifying buzzer in a row for Jesse, making it the longest consecutive Qualifiers streak for female competitors. It was also her fifth buzzer, meaning Jesse now has more buzzers than any other woman in Ninja Warrior history.

But really, Jesse probably doesn’t care too much about those records. She focuses on one thing and one thing only: Putting together the best run she can every single time.

Looking to the camera before her run began, Jesse shifted around with extra energy and excitement. “I feel like I’m going to throw up. But that’s okay!” She joked. We all know there’s no chance Jesse is done for the season. One great accomplishment is just her fuel for the next.

When Jesse returns for the Semi-Finals in a few weeks, she’ll have her next goal in mind. Can she complete the extended course for the second year in row?