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How to watch American Ninja Warrior: Night two of Qualifiers

Monday, September 14 on NBC.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Season 12 of American Ninja Warrior is off and running! The premiere episode gave us a taste of the new format for the year. Now it’s time to watch the next batch of Ninjas take to the course. Fan-favorites like Daniel Gil, Jesse Labreck, and Jamie Rahn will face the obstacles on night two of the Qualifiers. Who will move on to the Semi-Finals? We’ll find out on Monday!

Season 12 - Night two of Qualifiers

Start time:
Monday, September 14 at 8pm EST/PST on NBC

Live streaming:
Stream NBC Live - You will need to sign in with a cable provider.
You can also download the NBC app.

Available the next day on Peacock

Previous episodes:
Previous episodes are available on NBC.Com and on Peacock.