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JJ Woods’ run highlights the ‘Ninjas For Black Lives’ mission

You’ll see many of this season’s competitors wearing the group’s logo on the course.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

When American Ninja Warrior turned on the cameras to capture season 12, it was in the middle of a pandemic, and in the middle of a historic moment for racial justice and equality. The Ninjas are people. They can’t pretend that they’re not affected by current events.

Because of that, many of the competitors came together to form Ninjas For Black Lives. You can learn more about this important initiative here. They’re working to confront racial inequality through knowledge, growth, and unity.

On Monday’s upcoming episode, the second night of Qualifiers, JJ Woods will lead off his run by discussing this mission. You can watch that intro, and his run, below.

American Ninja Warrior airs Monday nights at 8pm EST/PST on NBC.