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Watch Michael Torres and Ethan Swanson race for the Mega Spider Climb championship

Just when we thought it wasn’t possible for them to go faster... They went faster.

The American Ninja Warrior All-Stars special featured the return of one very scary skills challenge. The Mega Spider Climb requires that Ninjas ascend the 75-feet of Stage Four using just their hands and feet in a narrow chute. It’s draining. It’s daunting. And these competitors dominated it.

The challenge pitted two Chicago-area Ninjas (Michael Torres and Ethan Swanson) against two Atlanta-area Ninjas (Tyler Gillett and Kevin Carbone). But Tyler and Kevin nobly took a bow to their counterparts after both lost their heats in record-setting races.

That meant Ethan Swanson faced Michael Torres in the championship round. In their previous matches, they’d set and broken records. (Ethan set a record time. Then Michael bested it in his heat.) Yet somehow, they still had more to give! Watch the thrilling race below!

Micheal became the Mega Spider Climb champion with a jaw-dropping time of 16.37 seconds! For more information on the All-Stars Skills Competition, click here.

Season 12 of American Ninja Warrior kicks off on Monday, September 7 on NBC!