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Ninja Warrior Kevin Carbone, creator of the Wingnuts, is still designing obstacles

He has been designing and building obstacles longer than he has been training for Ninja Warrior.

David Becker/NBC

After Kevin Carbone made it all the way to Stage Three of the National Finals last season, it’s easy to forget that Kevin’s first breakthrough on American Ninja Warrior didn’t have anything to do with his athletic ability.

It was season nine, and Kevin had submitted an entry to the Obstacle Design Challenge. He had also applied to be on the show as a contestant, but never got the call. Never giving up, Kevin joined the walk-on line, where he learned that the obstacle he had designed was right in front of him, life-size, on the official Ninja Warrior course. His idea had transformed into a real obstacle.

That wasn’t the only good news. He got to compete as well, on a course that featured the very obstacle he had designed. You guys remember which obstacle it was, right? Yep, the Wingnuts! And of course you remember that Kevin was victorious over his own obstacle.

Since then, Kevin has been a steady face on the American Ninja Warrior course. He hasn’t let up on his training, and he hasn’t let up on obstacle designing either. In fact, Kevin officially won the Obstacle Design Challenge for season 10 with his devilish creation of Deja Vu, which was featured on Stage Two of the National Finals.

He also created an obstacle design/building company in March of this year called Podium Creations. Much like the Wingnuts, his innovative obstacles are proving to be popular. Ninjas are loving his Lache Locks.

Kevin and his team also build entire Ninja Gyms.

And Kevin’s latest prototype looks worthy of placement on the next official Ninja Warrior course. It’s attracting lots of attention on social media, and we figure it won’t be long until it’s in Ninja gyms and backyard courses everywhere…just like the Wingnut.