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Watch Grant McCartney and Chad Flexington take on the Striding Steps (and an alligator)

Talk about a personality clash!

David Becker/NBC

The 2020 American Ninja Warrior All-Stars special airs this coming Monday at 8pm EST/PST on NBC. We’ve met the teams and taken a look at the skills challenges. Now, we’ve got a preview of some of the action!

The Striding Steps is a returning challenge and always a fun watch. It tests the Ninjas’ speed and agility as they race down and back on wobbly steps. In this preview, it’s a personality clash!

The Island Ninja, Grant McCartney, is known for his dancing on the course and his occasional Speedo flashing. Chad Flexington is like an 80’s wrestling personality in a Ninja body. To up the stakes on their run, they tossed an “alligator” into the pool below.

Find out which wild Ninja takes the heat in the video below!

You can catch the rest of the Striding Steps competition on the All-Stars special, Monday, August 31 at 8pm EST/PST on NBC.