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What are your season 12 predictions?

Remember, the format will be different this year.

David Becker/NBC

(FYI - The picture above is from the All-Stars special, not season 12, which was filmed indoors. But Zuri is awesome and we can’t release any season 12 photos yet. So that’s that!)

We usually do a post like this shortly before each new season of American Ninja Warrior airs, but we’re especially curious about your thoughts this time around!

Season 12 of American Ninja Warrior will premiere on Monday, September 7 at 8pm EST/PST on NBC. What are your predictions?

We can’t play along because we were there for production, so we just have to stay quiet. What do you think will happen this year? Remember, this won’t be a “traditional” season. There are quite a few format changes, which you can review here.

One big thing to keep in mind is that the show will end with head-to-head races on the Power Tower. It won’t be all about the endurance needed to survive Stage Three. The final Ninjas will have to be fast, nimble, and super strong.

Also, during the Qualifiers and Semi-Finals, just reaching the buzzer won’t guarantee that a Ninja moves on. They MUST be in the top 12 to advance. That means speed plays a factor in the early rounds in a new way.

Who will be the Last Ninja Standing?

Who will be eliminated early?

Who’s going to surprise us?

Will this year belong to the rookies or the veterans?

Jump down to the comments and give us your predictions! The new season will air on Mondays at 8pm starting on September 7.