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Let’s obsess over the new American Ninja Warrior season 12 promo!

We’re starved for new Ninja Warrior and we’ll take whatever we can get!

We’re just a little worked up that a brand new season of American Ninja Warrior is SO close! This year, we’re getting a two-week premiere. The All-Stars special recorded after Season 11 airs on Monday, August 31 at 8pm EST/PST. Season 12 premieres on Monday, September 7 at 8pm EST/PST.

NBC recently dropped a new promo for the season and we’ll take anything we can get. So let’s break this thing down!

First, it looks like we’ve got some split-second shots from the All-Stars special. Those yellow uniforms could be Team Zuri! (Matt and Akbar’s teams historically have red or blue outfits.)

The Mega Spider Climb! We get a little nervous just looking at this thing.

This is new! It’s the Ferris Wheel, but it’s pretty... fearsome-looking to us.

This sums up our feelings about all that.

Then, the clips from the new season! Who needs pants when you’re this excited?!?

New obstacles!

Hey, we know her!!! It’s Jessie Graff and she looks like she’s pretty happy about something. :)

Is that a flash of the new head-to-head Power Tower races? Yes, please.

Us, while watching this promo for the 20th time.

THIS. Less than a week to go!!!!