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Learn more about the Ninjas For Black Lives initiative

The group has a big goal and a plan to take positive steps.

The Ninja community is not one that sits idle in the face of any obstacle. That idea drives so many of the positive programs and people that stem from the Ninja world. One of those programs is Ninjas For Black Lives.

The group has a robust roster of Ninja Warrior names united for a very big mission. As they shared on their Instagram page, “Ninjas For Black Lives is committed to helping our Black brothers and sisters, and all marginalized people, overcome the biggest obstacle facing our world today: systemic oppression.”

That’s no small task. But the Ninjas For Black Lives has devised a plan to take positive steps.

“We work to overcome systemic oppression through education, dialogue, and fundraising. We utilize our platforms as Ninja Warriors to raise awareness about the experiences and challenges of marginalized communities. We mirror the camaraderie in the Ninja community by creating and modeling conversations that can bridge divides and expand understanding. And we raise funds, through events and sales, to further empower nonprofits dedicated to overcoming systemic oppression.”

The team behind the group recently shared a short video that introduces the mission to the world in a little more detail. You should watch the full video below, but we’ve given you some cliff notes as well.

How did Ninjas For Black Lives get started? - Answered by Barclay Stockett

  • Barclay had an idea of a group the shared the message of love, acceptance, equality, and justice within the Ninja community, firmly believing there is power in solidarity.

What does Ninjas For Black Lives mean for the Ninja community? - Answered by Tee Jackson

  • They want to act as a welcoming committee to those that are outside of the community, encouraging a dialogue that goes beyond the Ninja bubble.

How will Ninjas For Black Lives raise funds? - Answered by Karen Sabo

  • They plan to introduce multiple programs in the next 12 months that will benefit organizations and non-profits that align well with their mission. For example, in the coming weeks, they’ll be selling merchandise that will benefit the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

Some Ninjas on season 12 of American Ninja Warrior will be fundraising on the course with a “pledge per obstacle” style format.

How will Ninjas For Black Lives facilitate and foster eduction and the sharing of resources? - Answered by JJ Woods

  • First, the group will educate themselves with workshops and further learning.

How will Ninjas For Black Lives amplify the dialogue that’s important to their core mission? - Answered by Sean Darling-Hammond

  • They will foster spaces where people can be vulnerable, transparent, and honest while having difficult discussions.

How do they see Ninjas For Black Lives evolving in the future? - Answered by Tee Jackson

  • They will stay constant in their goal to help the community overcome systemic racism.

The Ninjas For Black Lives website isn’t live just yet, but when it is, there will be more details on their fundraising efforts and resources, as well as a merch store. In the mean time, you can visit their Instagram account for more information.