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Who won the Titan Games?

The Central Region reigned supreme!

Steve Dietl/NBC

After a fierce finale, the Titan Games crowned the two champions of its second season! Funny enough, both trophies went to the Central Region.

Men’s Champion: Matt Chan

Steve Dietl/NBC
  • Occupation: Firefighter
  • Age: 42
  • Challengers defeated:
  • Matt made his way to Mount Olympus by defeating Bartley Weaver. There, he was bested by Joe Thomas and returned in the regional finals on the defense. After defeating Steven Shelby and Kaleb Redden, he faced Joe once more and earned his Titan title.

In the Titan Games Championship, Matt made short work of Hammer Down against Will Sutton and Noah Palicia. Once Will made his way to the mountain, the race commenced. Matt earned his title with a driven and focused run through the obstacles.

Women’s Champion - Dani Speegle

Steve Dietl/NBC
  • Occupation: Health and fitness coach
  • Age: 26
  • Challengers defeated:
  • After defeating Nadi Carey in two games, Dani took the Titan title from Chantae McMillan. She then defended Mount Olympus from Jamie Seeman in the regional finals.

Dani didn’t let up when it came time for the Championships. She took a commanding lead in the three-way battle on Hammer Down with Margaux Alvarez and Haley Johnson. Margaux also returned to Mount Olympus and two both put in extra energy on the walls that were added to the Cage Crawl. Dani broke through first, giving her the edge needed to take the title.